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Need to keep bag from swinging?
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Default Need to keep bag from swinging?

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 9:24 AM, John Harvey
Mr. Domke, one gripe I have about shoulder bags is that whenever I bend over or kneel down the Law of Gravity makes itself known in a way that is most frustrating!

The bag slides around to the front and becomes a nuisance. I'd love to have a bag with a loop on the ends ( back side) that I could attach a double ended snap hook to for attaching to a belt loop to keep the bag from sliding around and choking me and getting in the way. Here in Atlanta you don't dare take the bag off and set it down, it'll grow legs and run off.

Thanks, I'll post this on the Tiffen Forum - - - it's a tough problem.

One solution is to have a belt bag a.k.a. fanny pack. But they are hard to take off when you sit down.

The waist strap has been tried, partly to keep bags from sliding off the shoulder. But there are a lot of difficulties and most people end up never bothering to use it.

When I'm working I don't have time to hook or unhook bag to a waist strap or the belt loop. Plus I like to switch shoulders and slide the bag off quickly when I'm holding a camera and wanting to get into the car.

You have to learn not to lean over, kneel down, swing camera bag in front of you (not on your back) turn it around so the flap opens toward you. When you bend over you don't want the weight of the bag shifting to your hip, the bag is still going to swing to your front, but you need to be able to move it around easily so YOU don't fall.

Many photogs keep the bag too low, I think the bag needs to be up, slightly above the hip. This keeps the bag from swinging when you walk, which puts stress on the back. When you kneel down the strap still holds the bag, versus a long strap where the bag ends up sitting on the ground and the shoulder strap sliding off your shoulder.:eek:


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