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Evolution of the PhoTog Jacket
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Default Evolution of the PhoTog Jacket

The camera bag you wear, started as a jacket that I designed with the help of Sygma Photo photographer Jean-Pierre Laffont who traveled around the world covering people and places. We wanted something that would help you blend into the crowd. Rather than trying to get lots of pockets, we wanted large pockets so you could get the hand inside and grab hold of the lens. The real problem was that people come in different sizes and with a jacket you had to have several different sizes, with a vest the sleeve length isn't a problem.

With the jacket we had 10 layers of material in the body and only one layer for the sleeve. The vest idea lets you wear the vest UNDER a coat or wind breaker, which lets you carry flash, filters, clamps, extra lenses without getting noticed.

Every D-4 PhoTOG jacket was a bit different. There is a collectable black version with a Leica logo that was made in 1989. If you dry cleaned you destroy the naugahyde non-slip strip on the shoulder. Of course, with the Gripper strap the sliding isn't as serious a problem as it was with leather camera straps on nylon.

The best idea is get the biggest size, you may look FAT, but you have bigger pockets for big lenses, lens and body, flash, etc. One of the things I liked the best with a vest/jacket was carrying the exposed film in one pocket, now you can keep track of the tiny memory card in vest pocket and avoid accidental damage in a camera bag.

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