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[QUOTE=Jim Domke;1958]The photo of me holding a camera and the FX3 Super Compact Domke Bag isn't simply a portrait, but shows how the camera bag is a tripod. I put it on the ledge and rest over it to hold the long lens steady. The softer bag absorbs shock and you don't have to worry about poking someone with a tripod leg.

I use to use the pocket in the flap to hold filters! You don't need to carry around the tripod and you don't need all those filters, either.

Now I can add effects in the computer, see it and search around to make the photo look just right. I actually like to use several filters - - - modify color/contrast and save it, then open it again in Photoshop go to Filters and open Tiffen Dfx to vignette around the edges which took out some distracting elements. Digital photography lets you be creative. Look at what I did to the photo taken of me by Akira Suwa in NYC.[/QUOTE]

Ken Rockwell claims tripods are from dinosore days, now we have IS, OS,VR
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