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[QUOTE=dafiryde;2201]thanks will give it a try
my biggest problem is that i find only Domke bags are functionable, and a pleasure to work out of, and maybe instead of using that gripper thingy on the strap they should use a bungie grippie substance :eek:


[B][U]strange scenario[/U][/B]
i hooked up my OP/Tech pro loop camera strap onto my F3x to see if i would feel a difference and strangely it felt extreemly uncomfortable, which is the complete opposite of what i was expecting. :eek: when i walked, i could actually see the bag bouncing up and down slightly due to the bungie style the strap is designed to do, yet on every bounce i could already feel the strap cutting into my shoulder if used for an extended peroid.

is a jem to work out of

2" strap is more comfortable than the optech system, i always suspected that shock absorbing feature was nothing but marketing hype :

2 " strap is more comfortable than the domke shoulder pad, really, this pad is short , heavy and hard. and worst of all it is the ugliest thing when on your shoulder

a backpack is totally useless, i am amazed of how much is sold. i think most photohogs buys them so that when they reach where they have to go , they can show off how much equipment they have

do i go back to P&S and berid of all this headache or is their a solution out there

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