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Can I dye my sand coloured bag?
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Default Can I dye my sand coloured bag?

I have a black F6 and a sand F1x. I don't use the F1x because the sand colour draws too much attention (and it's a little too big as well :o)

Can I dye it, like you can dye cotton with paint, in the washing machine? Or is canvas too dense too pick up the paint?

If it's not going to work, I hope Jim might have an idea that can help me out as well. I own 50 1.2 and 35 1.4 glas and normally use it with the hood on. They do fit nice in the insert of the F1, but the insert of the F6 seems juuuust a little bit smaller.

I tried moving the F1 insert into the F6, but it too high. Are there any f1 width but f6 height inserts available?

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