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[QUOTE=Dimitris;2678]Seeing some pictures around the web of how the F-803 is in generall and especailly if wearing it, I do not like so much it's shape as also it's overall length of 13.5”. I know the length of the F-3x is close to the one of the F-803 , but in this length range (12” +) I would definitely prefer the F-3x. As also dafiryde mentioned I thing the length of the F-3x will be not so much noticeable if wearing it with empty side pockets.

Just to have a complete idea of the various alternatives to the F-3x:
What to you thing about the F-5XC as an alternative to the F-803 ? It’s still quid thin but it's minor extra thickness seems to match better the D300s with lens attached (with the back of the camera body laying down) and the flash on the top part, and as far as I show there is still room for 2 of my lenses at the bottom part (if I divide top / bottom) . Any opinions/commends on the F-5xc option?

Thanks you guys for your great help, since's easy to find a camera body that meets your requirements as also to find some lenses which are covering your prevered way of shooting...but it's really very-very hard to find a bag to carry you gear in a way that fits with your way of mooving in a balanced way....[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=paul parker;2699]I was also having the same problem, at that time I could not figure out any solution…[/QUOTE]

in a nut shell the F3X is about 15" long and 7" deep if fully packed to the extream.
i hardly ever put some thing in the end pockets, so at least 90% of the times it is empty and with a slight pat the bag becomes 9" long, at least i know when the time arrises, i can put a water bottle in there, but then again i dont always have a bottle of water on me.
as for the depth , yes it is 7" an that is because i always have on my grip, and its only in the bag during transporting, once i am up and about the camera is out, so once again a slight pat an its 4"deep

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