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F1x. Old or fake?
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Default F1x. Old or fake?

I came across what looks to be a cool old F1x or a counterfeit. It was a smoking deal; so in all honesty, I don't mind that it may not be real. I just like to know what I paid for... It is a very nice bag that has been used, but has held up very well. No rips, tears or damage anywhere. Nice worn-in look. Needs a bath and a new bottom board is all. The bottom board that came with it appears home made. Also, no inserts were included, but I have several to use so no issue there either. The inner liner of zippered lid pocket is the proper green material. It has YKK zippers and the construction throughout is the same as my two F2 bags. Why the concern? The Made in the USA tag is different and the Domke emblems on the side pockets do not have the “circle-R” for registered trademark. Also the trim is off color (as I've noticed on older Domkes) and is of a slightly different material. My F2s, a green one and a black one, are not like that. So, Domke historians, do I have a cool old authentic F1x, or a real good fake???

Some pics...



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