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I received my new Domke F-3x and I had also the change to try it out: It’s really a great bag and I’m very happy with it !!!
I must admit that I had some doubts up to receiving it , since I purchased it from an on-line store (it was not available at any local shop) …
My experience so far:
I had it often all day long with me in various occasions and I really love it: It is very flexible, it has great gear accessibility it is extremely practical to use.
It is so practical to use and to carry around that it became a standard procedure of me that even on occasions when I go out of my home without expecting to take any pictures, I take the bag loaded just with my camera and 1-2 lenses with me, and sometimes I get some opportunities for a nice shoot
So it totally meets my expectations!

As I was totally aware before purchasing ,it lacks on the gear protection part, but this is not really a negative, since you cannot except to have at the same time a light and so flexible and practical bag which over’s simultaneous a full padded gear protection ( I had the Lowepro Stealth reporter 100, with great protection but it is was way too bulky and with a shape like a box)

In order to feel a little more secure I just added on the F-3x a folded protective wrap on the bottom as little extra bottom protection, since the bottom is always the most sensitive part of a photo bag (this is also very practical as a space divider, since I put under it driving license Id card) and I put also one of the small dividers I had from older camera bags on the each of the side pockets as also one on the open front pocket. These additions are increasing actually the gear protection with almost zero extra weight, and with absolute no impact on the great flexibility of the F-3x.

Many Thanks for your very helpful feedbacks here, which helped me a lot to choose the correct for my needs, camera bag :D :):)

PS ….during my 20+ years of shooting, the F-3x is actually my first Domke bag and it’s also the first time that I’m totally satisfied with a camera shoulder bag (these doesn’t mean that the F-3x is perfect, it’s just means that the F-3x is totally covering my priorities on my photo bag requirements)
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