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Glad to hear your enjoying it.
as for the lack of gear protection, seriously the average Joe does not need it.
at times like this , one has to think outside the box.
take out all your gear you would normally carry with you. place all the camera gear on one side of the bed, you would be supprised at how much more extras we carry around, like cleaning cloths, rocket blower, handkercheif, wallet, camera strap, bottle water, etc. all these things would serve as impact barriers, you just need to spread them around the outer sides of the bag :D

i recently tried out my Domke vest which has no protection, and on the bussiest time of the year, Carnival tuesday, a day when you are dealing with thousands and thousands of people, pushing, jumping, wining, and seroiusly my gear was banging against people and thats not hard on your gear. :cool:


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