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Has anything been done re the plastic retainers for the straps? Since I found a way to solve this as described in an earlier post, it isn't a problem for me. But others would probably benefit with smaller retainers.

I just bought an F6 bag (also have a J2, two F3X's, and an F-8). I use the J2 for storage as it is way too large for a carry bag. The F6, F3X and F8 are perfect for my needs. My only suggestion is that Domke begin putting velcro on the F6, but not on a large area. Just enough to secure the flap when out shooting. I use the F3X bags for my Nikon equipment (one digital and one film body) plus selected lenses and flash. The F6 and F8 are used when using my Exaktas.

Domke straps on all cameras. Cheers![/QUOTE]

when i am bored my wife is always seeing me sowing something, to be honest its not that hard to put one on your self.

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