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Other tools for the camera bag
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Default Other tools for the camera bag

Pop Photo magazine has a feature on 11 everyday items for the camera bag,] But they are a bit too weird, these are items not found in camera store. but I carry these:

I carry along with pencil and paper and lens tissue.
- Swiss pocket knife
- extra battery for camera and flash
- garbage bag to store camera bag in heavy rain, or dust.
- cable release
- Polarizing filter/neutral density filter
- white card (could be back of notebook.)
- small flash light
- model release
- business cards
- ear plugs (I do some industrial work and/or rock concerts)
- Air blower to blow dust off lens, viewfinder, sensor.
- Aspirin
- white handkerchief to soften strobe light, and in case runny nose. Could alternate with pocket size pack of paper tissue.
-rubber bands to hold handkerchief or index card on strobe, or keep business cards together.

Bag is starting to fill up, better stop. Am i forgetting anything?

:confused: Jim
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