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How neat it is to interact with the man himself!

So, here's my deal. Avid prosumer. Shoot digital and HD video. Mostly sports photography with a Canon Rebel XT and a 50mm lens. At times I'll carry around the 18-55mm kit lens and 85mm. No flash. I have a Canon Vixia HF100 HD camcorder I carry around sometimes, too. Additionally, I have a Canon G9 with a Lensmate hood and Richard grip I use for events, people and youtube videos.

Most of what I shoot are indoor sports, primarily basketball games, and some outdoor events like cross country and lacrosse.

I need a bag that can carry everything when I settle in for a long day. Or just the G9, iPhone, wallet, earbuds and shades for light days.

Something that I can carry off the shoulder, yet reach in and pull out my camera of choice on the fly. Something, that I can set on the ground, floor or bench next to me and won't tip over.

Any recommendations?

To recap:

Max load:

1 Digital SLR w 50mm Lens (The only way to shoot kids basketball games!)
2 Lenses (18-55mm, 85mm)
1 Large Point & shoot (Rangefinder size) with or without lens hood
1 Small HD Camcorder
1 iPhone
1 Earbud
1 Wallet (Fat for all the coupons!) :o
1 Sunglasses (can't shoot earing shades, now, huh?
1 Reading glasses (I'm old.)
3 Snackies (you know)

Min Load:

Would be point and shoot with personal stuff.

Granted, the bag to carry everything would be overkill for the min load. But, would an F-6 or F-3 suffice for both? Or are they both really, really huge? I haven't been to a store in LA that carries Domke. So, I am sad, for sure.

I use primarily Tamrac and they're okay. I would love to find a bag with a dual zip panel on top, like Tamrac's Turbo-Top lid system. Any possibility that Domke might offer that?

Is there a site where all the bags are displayed together to get an idea on size differences? Maybe even with someone carrying them? And even with examples of the gear they can each accomodate?

Thank you!

Whoa, lots of questions!

Thanks Jim![/QUOTE]
Hi there, thanks for asking . . . it looks like your best bet is the F2 Original. I'd put the DSLR w/lens on one side of the insert and the camcorder on the other. Use the insert for the lenses, flash, etc. I'd put the point and shoot in an outside pocket so I could get to it quickly and also this might be the pocket for keeping evrything you want to carry when you just want the minimum.

(The minimum could be carried in a PhotoVest, or sports coat. However, the F9 pouch slides on your belt and might help keep camera/batteries/data card all together in one place. You might even be able to pop the full pouch into the end pocket. Or, flatten the empty pouch and put it along the side in the main compartment of the F2.)

As for the zipper lid, it doesn't work for a shooting bag. The large flap is faster and easier when you are holding one camera and have only one hand to use. The idea is also to be able to work without having to take the bag off you shoulder, plus we have a pocket in the flap for passport, filters, etc.

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