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Canvas bad for digital?
Old 10-13-2008, 11:33 AM
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Default Canvas bad for digital?

So, I was in the Santa Ana Calumet over the weekend. They had two Domkes there. An F-3 and an F-2. The F-2 is smaller that I imagined it. Which is good. The salesperson there was saying "dust is death to digital" and the canvas bags make a lot of dust, so he doesn't recommend Domke for my needs. I think he was trying to push the nylon Calumet-branded bags on me, but I left. I was not impressed with their other offerings.

I don't understand how dust or lint would be any worse for a digital camera than a film camera. They both use the same optics. Except, perhaps, the sensor, which replaces film is always there and susceptible to dust build-up.

Is canvas really that bad?
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