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Best way to clean "J" series bags?
Old 03-21-2009, 09:09 AM
Chris B.
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Default Best way to clean "J" series bags?

I've been using Domke bags since I bought my first one when Jim Domke was a photographer at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Although I used to have about 8 of them, I now only have 3: 1 satchel and several of the J- series bags.

Over time, the J-series have collected a large amount of dog drool stains on the outside, and I've not been able to remove them with any degree of success. I have a Newfoundland and slobber and drool is just part of our lives!

I've tried soap and water, and scrubbed quite a bit, but have not tried any commercial cleaners because I don't know how they'll affect the ballistic cloth.
Can anyone offer some suggestions?
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