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I saw two of these yesterday and absolutely fell in love...they are gorgeous!

Unfortunately, of the two I saw, one is too big, and one (I believe) is too small. Looked at the F-5XC Waxwear (cat# 700-53A on the tag), and I'm thinking it's not going to handle my D300 width-wise.

On the Tiffen site, the three waxwear bags listed, none are the F-5XC, it's the F-5XZ, instead. Is this one larger than the one I actually saw? *fingers crossed*

Y'all have outdone yourselves with the look of the waxwear, it's beautiful. I have an affinity for waxwear, having worn Barbour waxed jackets for years while riding my horses, working in the barn, etc.

Hopefully the F-5XZ will fit my camera, I want a 'walking around' shoulder bag for camera and probably one other lens and this would be perfect if the size is right.

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