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What function does it have??
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Default What function does it have??

This is where it all started. Stiff nylon padded bags are bigger because the nylon is too thin to protect equipment from rubbing together with the padding they are so stiff the gear can rattle around inside. This causes more damage, lose screws, broken lens hoods, etc.

#8 Duck canvas offers all the protection you need, it also soaks up any water droplets that sitting on the camera before they can get inside the camera or lens. it is flexible and contours to both your body and the gear, helping avoid pulling a back muscle and/or sliding off the shoulder.

When you are carrying the loaded bag the strap pulls everything together so nothing can bounce around inside. When you want to get the camera the canvas lets you get your hand in and get a good grip on the camera.

We want the bag to help organize the gear, The outside pockets protect the gear in the main compartment when you accidentally bump into a railing.

For storage you can use a suitcase, but to work out of the bag, have the gear you need with you when you see a photo, take a Domke bag.
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