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I see you went with the F-3x instead of the F-6. I agree that that was a good choice. I have two F-2 bags and one F-6. The F-6 is GREAT for a rangefinder kit. Mine was filled with two Leica M cameras, a 90mm f/2, 50mm f/2, 15mm f/3.2, 35mm f2, a small flash and various cleaning cloths, filters, sync cables and other accessories. It was a perfect fit. However, I've found that it does not handle larger SLRs as well (Nikon D700). On the other hand, my brother uses an identical F-6 for his Canon Rebel kit and is delighted with it.

All this rambling is to say that I like the configuration of the F-3x better than the F-6 for a smallish bag for larger SLRs. I'm considering a F-3x purchase for that purpose, myself. Glad to hear you're liking it.
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