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Late, but others might aso want to look at the F-4 AF, which is deep enough that you could store the camera, even with the 80-400 (in my case an EOS 1D3 with 100-400 or 70-200) attached, vertically.
I don't have that bag, but was just over there with my F-7 and 1D3, 5D (ungripped) 24-70, Sigma 15-30, 100-400, 70-200 2.8, 580EX, polarizers all around, spare cards, spare batteries for both cameras and the flash, etc. There was still room in one end pocket for my chargers, although I used it for guidebooks instead. My preferred configuration in that (and the F-1x) is the 720-230 along the back and a 720-211 on the front, leaving a nice space down the front for a body with long lens.
The F-3x did nicely for my Libretto, chargers, water bottle, books on the plane and plug adapters, and gave me a nice small bag for when I didn't need the lot.
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