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[QUOTE=acs55812;474]Comes closest to the Thinktank UD-40?

I want to carry 3 big lenses (100-400, 70-200 2.8, 24-70 all canon) with 40D/5D (just one) mounted, in a messenger style bag with batteries/filters and small "stuff".

What Domke would most likely be the right one?

Dan[/QUOTE]Might want to look at the F-802 if the body you're planning on carrying is ungripped. I carry 70-200 2.8 on a 20D, 24-70 on a 5D, a 580EX and a Sigma 15-30 in mine, with the 720-230 insert. you could also use some closed-cell foam from a campers' sleeping pad to make your own compartments for a custom fit.

[QUOTE=Natureman;498]What camera bag would you recommend for the D300 with 24-70,
14-24 and Sb800 or 900 Flash. At times the 80-200 will be also.

I have the F4 now and it does not work at all. I should have done a little more
research and not listen to the recommendation of the salesperson before I purchased the F4 bag.[/QUOTE]How doesn't it work? Or are you having trouble with the inserts (which I can see - I haven't used the stock inserts since sometime in the early '90s)? An ungripped camera and mius the 80-200 you should be able to use the F-803; to accept the 80-200 as well, you might want to move up to the F-802 and add the 720-230 insert or make your own from Ensolite.
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