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I've also got one of the original F-2 bags from the good old days (pre-"Gripper strap"). The outside pockets have gotten bigger over the years, which I definitely appreciate, but I do wish you'd stayed with the metal hardware all around. I've had the plastic loops (connecting the straps to the bag) on at least three of my bags break over the years. I shove a mini-carabiner on in their place, and that also lets me tether stuff to the bag more easily.

The only bag I've yet worn out was an F-805 (wish you still made them!) which I used as a briefcase. The rigid plastic end panels caused the canvas to wear through after about 8 years of schlepping around on trains and planes. Fortunately for me, a guy on another forum had an almost-new one which was too big for his purposes. He's now very happy with the F-802 I suggested in its place. I've had the rubber on the gripper strips give up, but since I'm using the Postal Pad on all of my Domkes, I don't worry about it.
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