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Request for help with selecting small bag or pouch for fixed lens Yashica Electro 35
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Default Request for help with selecting small bag or pouch for fixed lens Yashica Electro 35


I am a very satisfied owner of two Domke bags for my cherished Nikon film slr outfits; I presently use your F-2, and F-6, both in cotton canvas. I love them for their functionality, looks, comfort, and especially the fact that they are made in the U.S. I go well out of my way, and will even do without, when a product is made in China, for myriad moral, environmental, and economic reasons. For these reasons, I always recommend your products, and have given my sister your new F-10, and my brother, the F-3.

Very recently, I had a fixed lens Yashica rangefinder, the Electro 35, restored professionally. I am very eager to use it, but would like to find the best way to carry it. It is 5.5" long, 3.5" high, and the depth from the end of the lens to the back of the body is 3" (ideally, I would like to carry it with a lens hood attached, which would add about .5 to .75 inches to the depth).

So, might you have a US made pouch or small belt pack which would carry this comfortably? Any other ideas for carrying this rangefinder comfortably and accessibly in a compact manner? The only other things I might want to also have room for would be a few rolls of film, and a cell phone. I plan to purchase your 1" Gripper Camera strap for it, too, so perhaps I should mention that it will also be attached to the Yashica. I think I would prefer to carry it on a wide belt, as I'm really looking for something compact, given that I already have your Domke F-6 shoulder bag. Your expert rec's would be much appreciated. TIA, Norma
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