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Could you mention a specific belt bag?
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Default Could you mention a specific belt bag?


It's really great to talk with you! Thanks, but could you mention a specific bag; perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't remember a Domke bag by that name.. I should have looked through the bags before posting, and will check through them later.

I'm almost tempted to go with the F-5XB, but I've noticed several new bags, of which one is similar, but smaller.. I'm thinking along these lines as this Yashica rangefinder is brand new to me. I also have a Nikon n6006 (I'm a film lover!:)!) and a 28f2.0 prime lens, as well as the 50mm f1.8. That way I could use this sort of bag for both the Yashica, and for times when the Nikons might be more appropriate.

How about the "903 Pouch"; I'm going by memory, but was looking at a pouch last night that seemed just big enough to hold this Yashica Electro 35, but only if it was flexible.. Also, if this one might work, is it made in the US? If this might work well, it might be a good immediate solution, as my funds are a bit tight right now. But, please only give me your honest opinions. Thanks!
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