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Domke Bag of the future.
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Default Domke Bag of the future.

With the internet we can get feedback workwide. We're working on a new Domke Bag to serve the digital photographer. Quick access without having to stop and reverse the lens hood. This means it will probably be more like a school book backpack than a shoulder bag.

We're thinking of a bag that can be carried in cities, and unlike a hiking backpack can be quickly taken off the shoulder easily to sit down in a bus or car. It is also important that you can access the contents without having to stop and put the bag on the ground (When I see a photo, I want to walk/climb to get the best angle and not be slowed down by my bag.)

Generally I hand hold the camera so the tripod mount is left off my lens and kept in a side pocket. I do reverse the lens hood, and hate it. This takes time, and risks missing a shot. So I often don't bother with the hood and end up leaving it in the bag. I also like the rubber ones that collapse, does anyone make them anymore?

I feel we need a new taller bag, I wish they could go back to having the lens hood slide up or collapse down the side of the lens.

Any ideas are welcome, I started in 1975 modifying a fishing bag dividing the main compartment to have 3 pockets in the front and the back half left empty. New York Times photog Gary Settle saw it and suggested making it like a six-pack which led me to the 4-compartment insert. So suggestions are welcome.

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