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Lens Pouches or Lens Wraps?
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Default Lens Pouches or Lens Wraps?

Hi all:

I use a Canon Digital Xti and have just purchased a Domke Reporter's satchel (F-803, I think). Right now, I have two lenses (one of which is always on the camera) and a Speedlite flash.

I have two questions, I guess. First, I am wondering if I should have bought a bigger Domke bag. I have only 2 lenses now, but I know I will probably have at least 4 (including a telephoto zoom and wide angle zoom. Right now, there's plenty of room in my bag, but I'm not sure about the future.

I am willing to spend money for a high quality product, but I don't want to buy something now and outgrow it very quickly, and have to buy all over again, as my funds are limited.

That leads me to my second question, about lens protection. I bought domke inserts along with the bag, but felt frustrated with them as they didn't really fit the bag well, and my camera tended to "Stick" in the compartment I chose for it. So I decided I would either buy lens cases or wraps for the lenses not in use. This would have the added benefit of making room in the bag for more stuff, since wrappe dlenses take up less room than inserts.

Which method would be best, wraps or lens cases? What do the pros do? I am a serious amateur, but my dream (which I have begun to make real) is to be an animal and pet phtographer. At present, I shoot on location so I take my equipment with me to clients homes rather than bringing pets to a studio.

Please advise on whether I have chosen a bag that will be adequate, and whether cases or wraps would be best in this bag.


Tori Gregory
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