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One more question - Wraps or Cases?
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Default One more question - Wraps or Cases?

Thank you andrea....

I was thinking along those lines, too. One bag for storage and one for working. I doubt that I"d need ALL my lenses at a pet shoot for example, but if I was shooting landscapes (my hobby) the standard lenses wouldn't be much good.

I like the satchel for working, because I like the messenger shape a lot better than the more "square" traditonal camera bag shape if I have to carry it any distance. I also LOVE the handle on top- because sometimes it's easier for me to carry the bag in my hand rather than on my shoulder all the time. I love having the option.

I would love to see a Domke bag with a zip top - no flap. That would be my dream camera bag: low profile, zip top, messenger style with no flaps to fuss with.

Thanks for your rapid reply! One question to clarify your previous answer: are lens wraps enough protection inside bag I work with? THe bags are awfully sturdy; I"m curious what the pros do!

Thanks again,

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