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[QUOTE=Lyric;6028]Is this a prototype or something? Jim states in a FAQ that there were no early gray F2s, however here one is. Is it possible that it's real? I already bought one bag from this seller and it was authentic. Thanks![/QUOTE]

They're wrong about it being an "early" F2; back in the early '90s Domke had various bags available in grey (I have an F1x from that era) though, and they recently had a limited run of at least the F2 and F3 in grey.

It's not an early F2, because the strap fittings are black plastic and it has "DOMKE" tape on the end pockets. My original F2 (dating to the early '80s) has stainless sliders and doesn't have the Domke tape on the end pockets. My grey F1x has the "DOMKE" on the end pockets in black tape with red lettering, and has black webbing and edging tape. I'm a little surprised to see sand webbing and edging tape and sand/brown label tape on that; it might be a very early production example of the grey F2, I suppose. The "Limited Edition" F2 and F3x, from around 2009 I think, also had black edging and webbing, and the balck/red DOMKE tape on the end pockets.
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