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Well, the three things that strike me as odd are the black Velcro, the snap (with or without "Domke"), and the "The Rugged Professional" on the logo ribbon. The "Crafted with Pride" looks like one that was used as a sewn-in tag for a while, and also as a paper tag on the factory-fresh bags. But then I haven't seen every single production run that ever came out. That certainly looks like the F3x design.

That snap is what especially bugs me; It's possible that my F-801 had a snap on one of the outside (papers) pockets, but that was a very early one, contemporaneous with my first F-2, and pre-dating use of the plastic sliders, the "DOMKE" ribbons, or the non-slip strap. It was also a somewhat different colour than the current "Sand" offering, being a yellower (and possibly lighter, though some of that is probably fading over the years). I just don't see why they would have used a snap on the outside front pocket, which after all can otherwise carry fairly bulky items - it seems much more inconvenient than either a flap or no closure at all would be.
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