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The replacement strap I got only has 1 adjustment clip on it unlike bags that has 2.
I've ordered a billingham 335 now as my f2 has shrunk so much the bottom bird won't fit in.
I looked at the pic on my profile here of my f2 when it was new and it has shrink height wise too.
Was thinking about getting a F1X the other month but not going to risk it.
On another site selling the strap I have it says comes with instructions, mine didnt.
Anyone got them?
Dont wanna cut of bags strap and end up not getting new on.

I sat and thought and sat and looked at old bag and thought ah ah.
I've done it, yay!
Jim was right all along Domke are the perfect bag.
It was so simple I couldnt work it out but new straps on and looks great.
Worn bag, new strap=lovely.
Question is i've got a Billingham 335 coming tomorrow and what to do with it, but as i've just moved to the countryside I guess I can use that for country photography and Domkes for press work :-)

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