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Fake Davis & Sanford Tripod?
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Default Fake Davis & Sanford Tripod?

Hi, I'm hoping that you good folks can help me with this question. My son just purchased a vintage "Davis & Sanford Compac 11 CG Tripod With BB Head" from a photographic supplies seller on eBay.

Upon inspecting the tripod and head.....We could not find one, single label or marking that would identify either as Davis & Sanford products. Granted, this is an old tripod...but shouldn't there be some manufacturer's mark...somewhere...that would confirm the make?

There are also 2 small holes drilled besides each and every screw/nut on the head- with several small drill holes on the body also. There are a lot of indications that work, of some kind, has been done on this tripod/head combination. Would this even be necessary if the head were of the same brand and manufactured for that brand tripod? If they're both Davis & Sanford.....why the need for so many drill holes everywhere?

Bottom line.....I'm wondering if my son got ripped off or not. How do we know if what he purchased is a genuine Davis & Sanford Tripod and Tripod Head?

Thank you very much,
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