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[QUOTE=Andrea;26]Either a 720-210 Dimensions 5.75" W x 3.5" D x 8" H or a 710-211 Dimensions 5.25" W x 6" D x 8" H will fit into the F-2.[/QUOTE]

Just to confirm, with the F2 bag, will it accept the current 720-240 and the 720-211 (I don't think there is a 710-211)? It looks like the velcro is on the 5" side of the 211 and on the 7" side of the 240. Wouldn't that make the combination total too big for the F2 (13")? I can't tell from the photos, but does the velcro attach to the front/back of the bag? If the 240 insert had the velcro on the 6" side then the 240 + 211 inserts would total 11". Am I missing something?

I've been looking at the F2 and the F4AF and would like to put two inserts into the F2 similar to the F4 (the 211 for the D-SLR with lens) and the 4-compartment 240.

Another question, not to start another thread, if possible, but can you tell me if the 211 insert can really hold the D-SLR with zoom lens attached? The illustration in the current Domke catalog for the F-4AW shows the camera with lens sitting on its side on the bottom - but when I measure my 40D with 17-85 zoom it totals 6-1/2" (6-3/4 with UV filter) and the insert is only 6". Will the insert accept the camera and lens with the grip up (camera inserted with the left end down and grip end up)? I just can't see how the camera will fit without pushing out the side of the insert and probably pulling the insert when the camera is removed (and the catalog suggests EOS-1 + zoom, about the same dimensions as the 40D+zoom). But the catalog shows plenty of clearance inside the insert.

I don't like placing the camera in with the lens pointing down - and I think, as the catalog suggests, this is the "grab and shoot" position, rather than having to lift the camera out.....just grab the grip. Can I do this with the 211 insert?

Guess what may be a suggestion for a new insert (since D-SLRs are getting a little bigger) would be a 5x7x8 or 5x7-1/2x8 insert, similar to the 720-2JM, just without the internal adjustable partition.

(As you can tell, I'm new to this and really like the "Grab and shoot" concept suggested in the F-4 if the insert works and maybe also in the F2.)


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