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[QUOTE=mark meeks;24]
In re-reading my post, I guess I was a little unclear. I'm looking for a single padded compartment to go in [I]beside[/I] the 4 compartment insert (in the main section).[/QUOTE]

I used to do what you're describing with my F-6. I liked that set up and it did offer a bit more protection. It also offered a sort of makeshift pocket between the single compartment insert and the standard four compartment insert. At various times, that makeshift pocket held lens cloths and tissues, a small flash, a light meter, my passport, airline tickets, etc. Of course, when I obtained a second body, the four compartment insert moved back to the middle and the single compartment insert moved to the closet.

I, too, thought about that setup with my F-2, but ultimately decided against it. I don't remember exactly why, though. I think it had to do with the D700's size with a lens attached as compared to the size of the single compartment insert.
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