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not shure which bag will
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Default not shure which bag will

fit my needs .. currently i have a f3x love the bag to heck .. but its kinda small and fits my needs when im out shooting small

but on occasion i need to load my quantum qflashes (big honking reflecter and bare bulb style)and it certainly wont fit in my f3x plus add the turbo batteries
and a d300 nikon and you understand why it wont fit .. so im thinking f1x or f2 or perhaps maybe even f7 i probably need something deepish .. even though i work at the photo mecca in new york <impish grin> its not easy for me to gtet to the 420 store im at a different location so i cant physicaly see the bag.. my qiestion is if any of you know the qflash and its size and would know if it fits comfortably in either the f1 or f2 or f7 bag along with a turbo (perhaps 2) a d-300 size camera with medium zoom and a sb-800 and on many events im shooting i dont feel like wheeling and dragging my rolling lowepro its a real drag and the domke bags are oh so comfortable .. the usual events i shoot are bar mitzvah and engagements and smallish weddings .. and many of my customers prefer journolistic style where i dont need to bring my entire studio lighting setups (but i still need a comfortable to carry bag ) sorry for my ramblings

p.s. any bag in your line up if it fits my needs will do .. and i only want the cotton not the ballistic (i may change my mind if the ballistic will fit my needs)
p.p.s let add 1 thing i dont want a bag tooo big just large enough to add my quantum flash to my d300 which fits just fine in the f3x .. maybe a bag that doesnt have fixed dividers similar to the way the f3x has and still a bit larger and i must have side outer pockets (the turbos and cables go there)

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