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Change inserts can make things simple
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Default Change inserts can make things simple

The equipment changes and do you need to change bags. I always tried to work around the bag, to avoid showing up at an event and realize the filter or data card was still in the other bag. So, my first idea is that when you add the flash it simply means that the flash replaces the camera. Nothing wrong with keeping the camera out and ready.

But, an alternative would be the F2 Original. I see taking the foam out of one side (front side) of the F24-Four Compartment Insert, so it will fold in and make room for the reflector on the Quantum. OR, maybe simply use a 2-compartment Mini insert.

The mini insert will also fit into the FX3, Super Compact if you are ever inclined to try it or fit in the Original along with the F24.

BTW, the Mini insert has it's own bottom so it can be used in any backpack or slip it inside a computer bag to help organize cords, modems, external drives, USB drives, etc.

But from what you have said I'm guessing that the perfect fit would be a F2 Original with a Mini insert. The camera and lens on one side of the insert leaves plenty of room to fit the strobe with the reflector and keep it connected to the battery in the end pocket.

Let me know how it works!:rolleyes: Bests, Jim
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