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i had a chance to check it out in the store today .. seems like the f7 is slightly taller but the f2 is slightly roomier from front to back .. i'll probably end up with the f2 .. its good to hear from the guru himself ;) after working at b&h for 14 years i remember all the notables whove ordered thru me .. i remember a "jimdomke" but it may be another photog by the same name and i remember a galen rowell unfortunatly galen died young .. p.s eventually i wil add a 2nd quantum to my smallish portable arsenal .. i forgot to ask and forgot to check in the store if the f2 or f7 has a loop or 2 for hanging mini lightstands or a tripod from them on the outside of the bag i got the bogen 001 they fold down very small and open to approxamitly 6 feet lightstand that is
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