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YKK zipper?
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Default YKK zipper?

[QUOTE=Andrea;496]Right now, the easiest way to tell is the YKK zipper. More info to follow.[/QUOTE]

HI Andrea,

You mention you can tell a counterfeit by the YKK zipper. I may have missed something but does this mean that Domke bags do not use YKK?

If a bag has a YKK it is a counterfeit? If Domke does not use YKK what make of zipper is used?

I purchased a F3X sand bag from a seller on Ebay about a year ago and it has a YKK zipper under the top flap. The bag appears very well made and up until a day ago I did not realise there were counterfeits until I visited your Tiffen website to obtain the Australian distributor for accessories.

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