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Domke Zippers ~ The Test of Originality
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Default Domke Zippers ~ The Test of Originality

Hi Andrea,

Thankyou for your reply and for confirming the origins of my F3X. Now that you have mentioned that Domke uses the famous YKK zippers I decided to do a check of bags selling on Ebay to see what zippers are being used. Firstly though, I am now of the belief that Domke has always used YKK so I am basing my research on this fact.

There is a F3X bag for sale on Ebay currently and I emailed the seller to ask what kind of zipper was used. What got my interest is that all the Domke bags that I have seen so far in stores here in Oz have had the same color zipper as the bag. The color of the zipper on the F3X for sale is black on sand which conflicts in style. Also the reply I got from the seller was that the zipper was a MMA. Now this looks to me as being counterfeit.

This seller has two bags for sale, the F3X and a F6, both sand. I will not list the item numbers as this may contravene the forums policy but any member here can review all the Domke bags for sale on Ebay USA and check for themselves.

I hope this helps as the info supplied by Andrea of Tiffen has helped me.


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