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If you use the IR filter, all visible light will be blocked; depending on your digital camera (many, especially high-end, cameras already have a hot-mirror IR filter over the sensor to block IR light from striking it) you may or may not get a picture; if you do, you'll need a very long exposure. If you're using film, you'll find out how sensitive the particular film you're using is to infrared - unless you're using IR film, my guess is "not very".

If you use the "hot mirror" IR filter, only visible light will be able to reach the sensor. As I said above, most high-end digital cameras already have a hot mirror directly over the sensor. You can find out if yours does by taking a picture while you use an infrared remote control (like for a TV or DVD player) aimed at the camera. If the camera doesn't have a hot mirror, the IR LED on the front of the remote will show up bright.
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