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Couldn't tell you how old my F1x is, but I'd have to say it's at least 10 years old. It doesn't have D-rings on the shoulder strap attachment points, but I connect my backpack straps to the handle O-rings at the [i]front[/i] of the flap. I find it rides better that way. If your bag is like mine, there are also webbing tabs at either end of the [i]top[/i] of the back (zippered) pocket; I fed a couple of split-ring loops through there and can use them to attach clips. You could also feed mini-carabiners through the webbing loops for the shoulder strap and connect to those, but I find the front handstrap O-rings work better. At first I clipped the backpack straps to the plastic shoulder strap attachments, but they wore through (and broke) so I just replaced them with the mini-biners.
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