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F-3x White House Photographer Edition?
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Default F-3x White House Photographer Edition?


I got this F-3X WHPA in black nylon, with serial # xxxx/2400. It has WHPA badge stitched in front. I got it used off ebay. The thing looks legit compared to my F2, it does not have ykk zipper, it has a tag inside saying it's made in China.

I have 2 questions:

1. Is this thing original? Has Domke issued this "limited edition" given away to photo journalist?

2. How can I get the divider for the bag? Originally F-3x comes with no insert but has a foam divider to bridge between the lens case. I emailed Domke support and was told to get insert for the J-2 bag.

I can post image later if necessary.
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