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Old 07-07-2010, 08:15 PM
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The solution I'm now using solves my two-body Leica issue with the F-3x. I cut out the sewn-in inner canvas pockets and dropped the insert from an F6 inside. Since I have the older style F-3x that's a bit shorter, it fits just right. The only problem is that when not full, it collapses a bit since there is no sidewall velcro to secure the insert.

I can put two M bodies with lenses attached in diagonally opposed insert pockets, and the remaining two can easily hold two lenses each, stacked. The outer side pockets hold film, and an SF-20 flash. The front and back slot pockets hold a memo pad, pens, voice recorder, business cards, light meter, etc.
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Go For a Longer F-5XB
Old 07-13-2010, 08:51 PM
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Default Go For a Longer F-5XB

[QUOTE=mathomas;1537]I love, love, love my F-5XB for an M system with one camera and two or three lenses. I love how narrow it is. I love leaving the flap folded back and shooting out of it (my M sits in the middle compartment, sideways, ready to grab at a moment's notice). I've been singing the F-5XB's praises in the forums, and even made a video about it for youtube (search for "domke f5xb leica" because I'm a newbie here and can't post a link).

But, as I touch on in the video, the F-5XB runs out of room when you add another M body. I realize there are bigger Domke bags, and would be very happy to buy one, but [I]the problem is they are all bigger in the wrong dimension[/I]. The F-5XC is "taller" -- doesn't solve my problem. Same with the F-802/3). The F-3X is "broader" -- also doesn't solve my problem.

The *perfect* bag for two Leica M bodies with attached lenses and a couple more lenses (a very common setup) is a four-compartment F-5XB. It really only needs to be a bit longer, maybe 3", and include an extra divider. An inch taller might help just a tad (if only for proportion), but it's not really required.

Optional, but would really put it over the top: give the front pocket a slight accordion and a velcro square, and put a slim pocket inside the flap. Due to the extra length, the bag wouldn't work as a belt pack any more, so replace that system with a back slip pocket. Instant world-killer. Seriously.

Please, please, please consider these additions and come out with a "little bit bigger" version. It would be truly awesome in waxwear!

No charge for these killer ideas. A free copy of the F-5XB "little bit bigger" would be nice, of course :).[/QUOTE]

I agree. A wider F-5XB with an accordion front pocket, a pocket inside the flap, and a back pocket is what I need. More suggestions: add an extra divider and get rid of the velcro closure that makes a loud noise when it opens and replace it with a hook closure used on the F-6 and F-3X.

I got the F-5XC recently. I have a Lumix G2, a small micro four thirds camera close in size to a Leica, and five lenses. Everything fits inside with extra room. I like the design. The padded sides and bottom protect my things and the two zipper openings keep them secure. But because I'm paraplegic and use a wheelchair it's too high for me to carry at my side without the bottom rubbing against the wheel so I either sling it over my back, which is uncomfortable, or let it take up my lap. Also when it's full it's too heavy to take on long rambles. The F-5XB is the right height and slender enough to carry at my side and still allow me to push my wheelchair or on my lap without taking it over, but it's very small. If it were three inches wider it could hold an extra lens or body and would be just right.
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