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Davis & Sanford Tripods Domke Bags and Cases Dfx Software iPhone/iPad Apps
Listec Video Teleprompters Lowel Lighting Steadicam Systems  Stroboframe Brackets
Tiffen Filters Tiffen Digital HT Filters Tiffen Product Logos Saunders Trimmers
Zing Pouches/Straps      


Davis & Sanford Tripods & Support Systems

Monopod Duo Cover Shot-No Cap

ProVista 7518XB
SwitchKit_Glory Shot




Domke Bags & Cases

F-1XB Black
F-2 Sand Closed
F-2 Sand Open Stuffed-1
F-2 Black Closed
F-2 Sand Open Stuffed-2
F-2 Gripper Shoulder Strap
F-2 Water Resistant
F-2 Strap Buckles
F-2 Add-on Strap Bag
F-2 Black with Contents
F-2 Beat Black Bag
F-2 Inserts
F-2 Insert Stuffed
F-3 X Black
F-4AF Sand
F-5XA Black Closed
F-5XA Black Open
F-5XA Black Stuffed
F-5XB Sand
F-6 Sand
F-7 Sand

F-802 Sand
F-802 Navy
F-802 Black
F-804 Black
F-804 Super Satchel Black
F-804 Super Satchel Black Inside
F-808 Black Open
F-808 Olive Closed
F-808 Olive Open
F-808 Sand

F-903 Black 707-20B
F-903 Navy 707-20N
F-903 Olive 707-20D
F-903 Sand 707-20S
F-903 Black 707-30B
F-903 Navy 707-30N
F-903 Olive 707-30D
F-903 Sand 707-30S
F-903 Black 707-40B
F-903 Navy 707-40N
F-903 Olive 707-40D
F-903 Sand 707-40S

Chocolate Bag F-2
Chocolate Bag F-3X
Chocolate Bag F-5XB

J-1 Black
J-2 Black
J-3 Black
J Series Handle
J-803 Black


Domke Cap
Jacket no sleeves
Vest - Khaki - illustration
Vest - Khaki - on model
Vest - Black - om model

Super Pouch Sand & Olive
Compact Pouch Black & Sand
Belt Pouch Navy & Black
Utility Strap Sand
Utility Strap Black
Postal Shoulder Strap
Tan & Black Belts

3 Black Domke Tripod Bags
Black Tripod Bag 27"
Olive Tripod Bag 27"
Black Tripod Bag 32"
Olive Tripod Bag 32"
Black Tripod Bag 40"
Olive Tripod Bag 40"

Insert Illust 1 Mini
Insert Illust 1 Standard
Insert illust 1 Large
Insert illust 2 Mini
Insert illust 3 Mini
Insert illust Combo 1
Insert illust 4 Mini





Dfx Software

Dfx Photoshop Screen Shot
Dfx Final Cut Screen Shot
Dfx EZ Mask Screen Shot
Dfx EZ Mask Result Screen Shot

Dfx Photoshop Screen Shot


 iPhone/iPad Apps


Saunders Trimmers

M3 Trimmer 12"
M3 Trimmer 18"
M3 Trimmer 24"
M3 Trimmer 36"
M3 Trimmer 48"  


Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems

Steadicam Archer with Operator
Steadicam ArcherSE with Operator
Steadicam Clipper 2 with Operator
Steadicam Clipper24 with Operator
Steadicam F-24SE Flyer with Operator
Steadicam F-24 Flyer with Operator-girl
Steadicam F-24 Flyer with Operator-guy
Steadicam G-70 Arm
Steadicam Merlin 3/4 view
Steadicam Merlin with Hand
Steadicam Merlin Guy Sweep
Steadicam Merlin Folded
Steadicam Merlin Box
Steadicam Merlin Side View with Camera
Steadicam Merlin Soft Case Closed

Steadicam Merlin Soft Case Open 1
Steadicam Merlin Soft Case Open 2
Steadicam Merlin Arm & Vest Stand
Steadicam Merlin Vest

Steadicam Merlin Arm
Steadicam Merlin Quick Release
Steadicam Merlin Blue-Black Plate
Steadicam Merlin Lower Weights -6
Steadicam Merlin with Arm & Vest Operator-1
Steadicam Merlin with Arm & Vest Operator-2
Steadicam Merlin with Arm & Vest Operator-3
Steadicam Merlin with Arm & Vest Operator-4
Steadicam Merlin with Arm & Vest Operator-5
Steadicam Pilot with Operator
New Steadicam Pilot with E-7S Battery System
Steadicam Pilot-Merlin Backpack
Steadicam Obie Light
Steadicam Tripod C-Stand Dock Bracket
Steadicam Steadistand Light C-Stand
Steadicam Ultra2
Steadicam Ultra2 Guy
Sreadicam PowerCube Battery


Stroboframe Flash Brackets & Accessories

Digital Folding Flip Closed
Folding Flip Horizontal
Folding Flip Vertical
Folding Flip Closed


Tiffen Filter Product Shots

812 Warming Filter Product Shot

812 Warming - with Filter Effect-1
812 Warming - without Filter Effect-1
812 Warming - with Filter Effect-2
812 Warming - without Filter Effect-2

Black Diffusion/FX1/8  - Filter Product Shot
Black Diffusion/FX1/2  - Filter Product Shot
Black Diffusion/FX1  - Filter Product Shot
Black Diffusion/FX2  - Filter Product Shot
Black Diffusion/FX3  - Filter Product Shot 
Black Diffusion/FX3 - with Filter Effect
Black Diffusion/FX3 - without Filter Effect 
Black Diffusion/FX4  - Filter Product Shot
Black Diffusion/FX5  - Filter Product Shot

Circular Polarizer FilterProduct Shot
Circular Polarizer - with filter effect
Circular Polarizer - without filter effect

Color-Grad Sunset Filter Product Shot

Cool Day For Night Filter Product Shot
Cool Day For Night - with Filter Effect-1
Cool Day For Night - without Filter Effect-1
Cool Day For Night - with Filter Effect-2
Cool Day For Night - without Filter Effect-2

Digital Ultra Clear Filter Product Shot

Digital HT Ultra Clear Filter Product Shot

Enhancing Filter Product Shot
Enhancing & Polarizer - with Filter Effect
Enhancing & Polarizer - without Filter Effect
Enhancing - with Filter Effect
Enhancing - without Filter Effect

Fog 2 Filter Product Shot

Gold Diffusion/FX1/8  - Filter Product Shot
Gold Diffusion/FX1/4  - Filter Product Shot
Gold Diffusion/FX1  - Filter Product Shot
Gold Diffusion/FX2  - Filter Product Shot
Gold Diffusion/FX3  - Filter Product Shot
Gold Diffusion/FX3 - with Filter Effect
Gold Diffusion/FX3 - without Filter Effect
Gold Diffusion/FX4  - Filter Product Shot
Gold Diffusion/FX5  - Filter Product Shot

Haze-1 Filter Product Shot
Haze-1 - with Filter Effect
Haze-1 - without Filter Effect

Neutral Density .6 Filter Product Shot
Neutral Density - with Filter Effect
Neutral Density - without Filter Effect

Pro-Mist 1/8 Filter Product Shot
Pro-Mist 1/4 Filter Product Shot
Pro-Mist 1 Filter Product Shot
Pro-Mist 1 - with Filter Effect
Pro-Mist 1 - without Filter Effect
Pro-Mist 2 Filter Product Shot

Pro-Mist 3 Filter Product Shot
Pro-Mist 3 - with Filter Effect
Pro-Mist 3 - without Filter Effect

Pro-Mist 4 Filter Product Shot
Pro-Mist 5 Filter Product Shot

Sky 1-A Filter Product Shot
Sky 1-A with Filter Effect
Sky 1-A without Filter Effect

Star 6pt-2m Filter Product Shot
Star 4pt Filter Product Shot
Star 6pt Filter Product Shot
Star 8pt Filter Product Shot
Star Street Scene Effect - No Filter
Star 4.2 Street Scene Effect
Star 6.2 Street Scene Effect
Star - London Bridge Scene No Effect
Star - London Bridge Scene Hollywood Effect
Star - London Bridge Scene Hyper Effect
Star - London Bridge Scene North Effect
Star - London Bridge Scene Vector Effect
Star - Hollywood Effect Series 1
Star - Hyper Effect Series 1
Star - North Effect Series 1
Star - Vector Effect Series 1
Star - No Filter Effect Series 2
Star - Hollywood Effect Series 2
Star - Hyper Effect Series 2
Star - North Effect Series 2

Star - Vector Effect Series 2

UVP Filter Product Shot
UVP Broken Lens Photo

WarmBlkDiffFX1/8 Filter Product Shot
WarmBlkDiffFX1/4 Filter Product Shot
WarmBlkDiffFX1/2 Filter Product Shot
WarmBlkDiffFX1 Filter Product Shot
WarmBlkDiffFX2 Filter Product Shot
WarmBlkDiffFX3 Filter Product Shot
WarmBlkDiffFX4 Filter Product Shot
WarmBlkDiffFX5 Filter Product Shot

Warm Black Pro-Mist 3 - with filter effect
Warm Black Pro-Mist 3 - without filter effect

Warm Pro-Mist1/8 Filter Product Shot
Warm Pro-Mist1/4 Filter Product Shot
Warm Pro-Mist1 Filter Product Shot
Warm Pro-Mist2 Filter Product Shot
Warm Pro-Mist 2 - with filter effect
Warm Pro-Mist 2 - without filter effect

Warm Pro-Mist3 Filter Product Shot
Warm Pro-Mist4 Filter Product Shot
Warm Pro-Mist5 Filter Product Shot

Warm UV Filter Product Shot   

Vista Tripods

Attaras - Short Legs
Attaras - Extended Legs
ExplorerV - Extended Legs

RangerV - Extended Legs
TravelerV - Extended Legs
Mini Traveler

Table Top Pro 


Zing Pouches














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