With Tiffen’s new PRO 100 Series Filter System, photographers and videographers across the globe are “unleashing their creativity,” capturing content like never before. In order to showcase this outstanding content, we will be featuring the work of our Imagemakers in a PRO 100 Series showcase.

For our first PRO 100 Series Showcase, we are excited to feature the work of landscape and travel photographer, Adam Goldberg!  Throughout the feature you will learn how Adam used the PRO 100 to enhance his photography and capture these outstanding images.

To learn more about Adam and his work, please visit his website and follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Interested in having your work featured in our next PRO 100 Series Showcase? Send us your work, captured using the PRO 100, to media@tiffen.com ,or by using the #tiffenpro100 on Instagram.


Location: Alberta Falls. The Tiffen PRO 100 is such a versatile filter system. I was able to quickly add a 1.2 graduated ND in front of the 1.2 ND filter while standing in the river to ensure I had balanced light across the scene.


Location:Garden of the Gods. With the varied light in this scene, I needed a filter to ensure the sky didn’t become blown out (ie, too bright). The Tiffen PRO 100 and 1.2 graduated ND allowed me to capture the dramatic light and keep the sky from being too bright.


Location: Seven Falls. I appreciate that I can use the same filters for different lenses, thanks to the adapter rings.  In this case, I used the 77mm adapter ring for the PRO 100 on my 24-105mm lens,to allow me to zoom in and capture the unique way the water flowed off this rock.


Location: Paint Mine. With no clouds I knew I was going to need a filter to make this a dramatic scene.  As the sun set, I used the PRO 100 and Twilight filter to add some additional color to what would have otherwise been a bland sky.