For our latest Imagemaker feature we had the opportunity to speak with New York based Photographer Lauren Renner. Renner’s work, including her award-winning photographic series In Others’ Words, has been featured in publications across the globe. Highlighted in this specific feature, we learn the remarkable story of Athlete Jon Paladini and how he refuses to let his battle with Ulcerative Colitis overcome him.

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While photogrpahing, Renner used the lightweight Lowel Rifa eX 55 light to beautifully highlight Jon, giving a soft illumted look to the shot. In addition to discussing her experience with Lowel lighting on this shoot, Renner also shares Jon Paladini’s story, discussing his battle with Ulcerative Colitis in further detail. The story and descriptions below are as told by Renner.

Renner discussing the inspirational determination and accomplishments of Athlete John Paladini… 

“Jon Paladini is an accomplished athlete and dear friend of mine who has spent his life battling Ulcerative Colitis. Recently, Jon was hand selected by Under Armour as one of 35 athletes from around the globe to participate in Under Armour Run Camp, which took place in Death Valley in October of 2016. In addition to this unique accomplishment,  Jon has also completed one Iron Man competition, more than a dozen sprint-distance triathlons, the 2008 Men’s Health Urbanathlon and was heavily considered by Men’s Health Magazine to become The Ultimate Men’s Health Guy in 2015. ”


“Jon actively uses his platform as an athlete to raise awareness for U.C. in every way he can, and to inspire others to fight through their limitations in an effort to become the best possible version of themselves. We collaborated on this shoot together in an effort to help him in this endeavor.”


Jon Paladini administering an injection that he regularly takes for Ulcerative Colitis. Photo by Lauren Renner


Photo by Lauren Renner


Photo by Lauren Renner

Renner discusses the importance of using the Lowel Rifa lighting on this project…  

“Without the Rifa Ex 55 this shoot would not have been possible. We were working in a small space where a beefier lighting set-up may have been too cumbersome, but the Rifa’s light, agile frame and easy set-up suited our needs perfectly.When lighting Jon for our shoot I added a daylight gel to the soft box. It added just the right depth and texture that I was seeking, and the daylight gel made color-balancing much easier on the back end.”


Photo by Lauren Renner


Photo by Lauren Renner