It was a beautiful evening in Brooklyn for the Second Annual Tiffen Instameet. The event began in front of the carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park, where attendees experimented with various filters, testing the effects they had on sun glare and reflections from the water. Several factors, such as relative location to sun and placement of large reflective objects seemed to cause an unwanted glare, or as one may describe it, bright spots of light within the cameras view. These bright spots, caused by excessive amounts of light interacting with the cameras sensor, were drastically decreased with the use of  Polarizing and Graduated Neutral Density filters, resulting in a glare free photo of the Brooklyn Bridge and its surroundings.  After spending some time near the bridge, learning how to manipulate excessive lighting, the group then moved to the pier where they prepped for sunset.

Upon arriving to the pier the group wasted no time setting up. The sun was quickly setting behind the New York City skyline and no one wanted to miss out on their opportunity to capture the view. To better enhance the sunset, and create a more dramatic feel, 4X4 filters such as the Skyfire, Sunset and Twlight Grads were used to make the orange and purple tones of the sky really pop.

While testing the optimal filters for sunset, members of the group learned how Tiffen’s new PRO 100 Series Filter System could help them to achieve the dramatic looks they were getting with Tiffen’s 4×4 filters. Before the PRO 100, shooting a color rich scenery would have proven quite challenging, as one would have to hold a large format filter in front of their camera while simultaneously trying to photograph their scenery. With the color effects one can achieve using Tiffen’s 4X4 filters, and PRO 100 holder, the pressure of editing and after camera effects dissipates, “leaving you with the satisfying feeling of capturing the perfect image right in camera,” Michael Cassara, Instameet Leader.

The Tiffen Team had a wonderful time hosting this years event and would like to thank everyone for coming out! If you attended, be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #tiffen, or by sending them to us via email at

To learn more about our Instameet, the products that were used and how you can get involved in our next one, please email

Instameet 1

Various filters ready for testing.

Instameet 2

Testing the effects of the ND Grad

Instameet 3

Testing the effects of the Tangerine filter with the PRO 100.

Instameet 4

The PRO 100 Filter System in action.

Instameet 5

Group positioning around the angle of the sun.

Inatmeet 15

Group shot!

Instameet 7

Prepping for sunset on the pier.

Instameet 9

Prepping for sunset at the pier.

Instameet 11

Photographing sunset.

Instameet 12

Testing the effects of the Clear/Red.

Instameet 13

Great in- camera look at the Sunset Grad in action.

Instameet 14

Shooting with Sunset Grad.

Instameet 20

Demonstrating the dramatic effects that the Skyfire has on a sunset.

Instameet 19

The group capturing the sunset.

Instameet 21

Taking a look at the Clear/Magenta in action.

Instameet 22

Tangerine filter being used to capture the sunset.

Instameet 17

Just after sunset.

Instameet 16

Twlight Grad before.

Instameet 18

Twlight Grad after.