KODAK Filters  

Kodak filters are available in more than 100 varieties.  Gelatin filters are for use with image-forming light beams.  KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filters are available in the sizes listed on this site.  Minimum order quantities may apply.  Orders for large quantities of filters or filters not normally stocked will require up to an 8-week lead-time.  KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filters are separated into the 7 types listed below. 

Kodak Basic Color Filters are used to alter the color wave length of light.  Special Dye Color Filters incorporate rare dye materials and are also used to alter the color wavelength of light.
Color Conversion Filters enable significant adjustments in the color temperature of the illumination as required (e.g., daylight to artificial light).  Color Conversion Filters control color by attenuating principally the red, green, or blue part of the spectrum. Can be used to make changes in the color balance of images recorded on color films, or compensate for deficiencies in the spectral quality of a light source.  Light Balancing Filters enable minor adjustments in the color quality of illumination to obtain cooler (bluish) or warmer (yellowish) color rendering.  Infrared Filters are used in infrared photographic applications.  Neutral Density No. 96 Filters are used to reduce the intensity of light by a definite ratio, without affecting the tonal rendition of colors. Neutrality is superb only in the visible spectrum. 

Additional filters are available upon request and minimum order. 

KODAK Wratten 2 Filters

Our industry-standard KODAK WRATTEN Filters just got better. With the same spectral response and color as current WRATTEN Gelatin Filters, the new KODAK WRATTEN 2 Optical Filters also offer several improvements: 



    • Now more rigid/durable
  • Easier to handle
  • Color consistent today as well as 6 months from now


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Enjoy consistent performance and reliability. When you require critical color correction in visible, UV, or infrared spectrum or when your project demands critical color light attentuation, enjoy optimum results with WRATTEN 2 Optical Filters.  World-class WRATTEN 2 Optical Filters are a must-have for photographers, cinematographers, engineers, and scientists who require analytical consistency for their realistic and creative effects/applications.  WRATTEN 2 Optical Filters are less sensitive to humidity, less prone to static cling. The new filters are easier to install and sort into optical components. Fingerprint removal is also easier.  
















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