PromptWare Line
PromptWare PLUS and PromptWare Hardware (PW-04)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I get the scripts into PromptWare Plus?
A: Currently the software supports input via E-mail (copy & paste) and File Sharing via i-Tunes.
Q: What version of the software is available?
A: PromptWare Plus version 1.0 is the App for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Android Smart Phones and Tablets.
Q: How do I control the script?  
A: Our PromptWare Hardware (PW-04) kit comes supplied with our custom wireless remote controller (
PW-04REMOTE). If you have just downloaded the App you can purchase the remote separately. (Go to for your local dealer)
Q: What languages does PromptWare Plus support?
A: PromptWare Plus is fully Unicode compatible so will support and language that the Apple IOS is set to.
Q: I have a double image, what can I do?
A: Ensure the beam-splitter glass is the correct way around; the side marked with a green dot should face the talent.
Q: What size camera’s can be used?
A: Most threaded Mini DV Camcorders/Broadcast camera’s with 46mm, 43mm, 40.5mm, 37mm and 30.5mm lens. (Coming soon for 55mm and up)
Q: What is the Green and Orange Dot for?
A: The Green dot is to indicate the front of the mirror and the Orange is to indicate the back. Note: Green dot should always face out towards the talent.  


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