Lowel Blender™... Intuitive LED Lighting for Daylight, Tungsten, or
In-between, on Location.

Hauppauge, NY, April 20, 2009 - Lowel’s compact Blender™ is the perfect solution for todays ‘run & gun’ video lighting needs. You intuitively mix twin array’s of high C.R.I. LEDs, in daylight & tungsten color, via 2 rotary controls on the back of the unit, until you see the right blend of color to match your mixed light source environment.  

Shooting in a daylit lobby with a hanging tungsten chandelier? Put beautiful fill-light on your talent that’s all tungsten, all daylight, or more importantly, that perfect mix of the 2 that suddenly makes your shot look naturally lit. Blender makes location lighting intuitive.  

Blender packs more punch than you’ve come to expect from compact LED lights. The lamphead’s compact size (4 x 3 x 3”) makes it small enough to fit on a pistol grip or compact light stand. It can be powered by popular video camera batteries, or its own compact AC supply.  

Blender™ comes with a selection of front diffusers for softening & diffusing the blended output.  

Originally designed by cinematographer Tom Robotham, the Lowel Blender is the location LED light you’ve been waiting for.

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