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Tiffen® Introduces Dual Mount GB Series Steadicam® Harness

Las Vegas, NAB 05-Booth SU7876, April 18, 2005 – As part of its 30th Anniversary celebration, Steadicam, a division of The Tiffen Company, is pleased to announce the release of the Klassen Dual Mount GB Series Steadicam harness, under an exclusive dealer arrangement with Walter Klassen FX.


Developed in consultation with Garrett Brown, the Dual Mount GB Series harness incorporates the carbon arm directly into the harness shell, which gives the Dual Mount GB Series harness an extremely low profile, while still providing the rigidity and support of a Walter Klassen harness.

The merging of carbon arm and harness provides an integral attachment of the arm socket block, similar in rigidity to Klassen’s separate carbon arm. This front mount is in approximately the position provided by our traditional front-mount vests and 3" forward of where a carbon arm end block would be.

Garrett Brown, inventor of Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems commented; “Walter and I started talking about this possibility last year and I commissioned a custom harness to see how it might work.

I reasoned that if the side and front of the harness itself were stiffened, it would allow a front mount of the sort we all 'grew up with' to be as rigidly mounted as Walter’s extremely stiff back mount, and would impose less strain on the operator. Obviously, any flex in a harness (or arm for that matter) requires the operator to lean back further to compensate. I was delighted with my prototype and Walter agreed to design a version that he and Tiffen will market as the Dual Mount GB Series” by Walter Klassen FX.

The Dual Mount GB Series harness comes with holes pre-drilled so you can easily attach a carbon arm (for back-mounted Steadicam operating) to your harness. The Dual Mount GB Series harness comes standard with all of the support options other Klassen harnesses provide, including curved carbon closure, contoured leg cutouts, support pads with washable liners and the adjustable lumbar support air bladder.

A selection of Dual Mount GB Series harnesses will be on display at the Tiffen booth (SU8786) at NAB, along with Tiffen's new Steadicam Archer and Clipper 2 sleds and other new products, including Steadicam’s revolutionary new G-40 and G-50 middleweight arms. Tiffen will also be a dealer for Klassen's other fine products, including their regular custom-fitted back-mount harnesses.

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