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Steadicam®  PILOT™ with IDX E-7S Battery System for Video Production

Tiffen – Hauppauge, NY – Based on the innovative and award-winning STEADICAM  features, a new version of the PILOT system is introduced. Through a strategic alliance with IDX System Technology Inc.,  this new system is shipped with two (2) E-7S batteries and a special version of the VL Dual 60 Watt charger.  Through this arrangement a special system price is offered that is very beneficial to the Steadicam user.
The PILOT  with IDX battery system provides the user with a complete system. Through the addition of the users camera and a SteadiSTAND or similar balance stand the unit is ready to use. The IDX E-7S battery is based on the V-Lock mounting system and will provide power for the on board monitor and any optional accessories.  Should the camera have a 12 volt input or a converter for 7.2 Volt operation the IDX battery has sufficient capacity to power both the camera, monitor and accessories.   The special     VL Dual charger is only available with this STEADICAM  PILOT  system. It provides sequential charge for two batteries. The charger and batteries are not available as a separate option.   Specific battery operation parameters may be found at   
The PILOT 2-10 pound weight range will work with a wide array of cameras. This new Battery System feature is in addition to the Pilot’s other advanced capabilities. They include its patented Iso-Elasticä Articulated Stabilizer Arm, proprietary Arm/Vest Connector and Carbon Fiber extendable post with new patented Gimbal, all designed by the inventor of Steadicam, Garrett Brown.
The Iso-Elastic™ arm is an articulated “No-Tools” design that can be adjusted while supporting the camera.  This patented design allows the Steadicam operator to effortlessly place the arm in any position. This is especially useful for “lock-off” shots.
The new Standard Definition Color 16:9/4:3 monitor, provides good contrast from dark to light situations, as a necessary part of the overall system design.  The monitor weight and location on the sled assures the operator perfect balance and ease of operation. The monitor has provision for standard definition NTSC/PAL and the 5.8 inch size affords an easy angle for viewing. 
Utilizing a True Three Axis Gimbal Assembly the operator has the ability to capture the fluid movement that only Steadicam can provide.  No-tools precision camera stage establishes a solid base for the camera and facilitates smooth adjustment ease from side to side plus fore and aft.
The Carbon Fiber post and interface to the stage form a solid bond to assure no jitter in the picture, as the operator captures those unique scenes.  It also has the ability to extend the post to change the “way the rig fly’s” or to adjust to a wide range of cameras.
The PILOT  System includes a self-instructing SK™ videotape with Quick Start manual to permit the user to become familiar with the set-up and operation of the system. A new training DVD specific to the system will be available soon. It is the latest of the SteadicamÒ Professional models available for cameras from 2 to 45 pounds.
According to Tony Iwamoto, IDX Marketing and Sales Manager, “This is a natural progression for IDX in alliance with Tiffen to offer our customers a high performance battery and charger system at the introductory package savings.  We are pleased to be involved in the PILOT System Introduction.

According to Frank Rush, “The new PILOTâ System is a real value for our customers.  The system model designation is PILOT-VLB and will sell for $4,595.00, available from Tiffen dealers worldwide.”
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