Tiffen Announces a New Innovation in Infrared Filter Technology



Hauppauge, NY -  The Tiffen Company, the industry leader in photographic glass filters for the Motion Picture and Broadcast industries for almost 70 years, again leads the way with its latest innovation in filter technology.  Since the advent of digital cameras to the professional Motion Picture industry, the infrared light spectrum has changed the formal quality of the final image creating, in some instances, very notable color shifts. As High Definition Cameras begin to replace film as the medium of choice for more productions, the sensitivity of the imaging sensors to IR has become a challenge. This is particularly evident when using standard neutral density filters that absorb visible light but pass infrared.


Unlike many photographic films, the CCD or CMOS of a digital camera is inherently susceptible to infrared contamination, even when the manufacturer attempts to reduce this problem by adding an infrared absorbing filter on top of the image sensor. Because these filters do not have a sharp cutoff at the infrared wavelengths there has to be a compromise in order not to exclude visible red wavelengths. This results in some infrared wavelengths being allowed to pass. While minor infrared contamination does not normally cause much of a problem for visible images, when using conventional neutral density filters especially denser grades, this issue is multiplied by the filter factor.





Tiffen has now addressed this problem with the introduction of its exclusive line of IR ND and IR 85ND series filters. Using Tiffen’s exclusive ColorCore™ filter technology, Tiffen engineers have been able to eliminate Infrared bleed above 700nm.  This is particularly important as it now allows for the use of the denser grades of Neutral Density filters needed for these light sensitive cameras while, at the same time, maintaining complete color balance.


Tiffen’s new IR ND filters are available in ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND1.2, ND1.5, ND1.8, and new ND2.1. The IR 85ND filters are available in 85ND.3, 85ND.6, 85ND.9 and 85ND1.2, rendering true color throughout the spectrum.


The Tiffen IR ND series is produced using Water White glass. As with all Tiffen filters, IR ND filters are ground and polished to provide the greatest level of flatness and parallelism. This, together with their exclusive ColorCore™ technology, ensures the highest level of optical quality.


The IR ND and IR 85ND filters are available in size 4x5.650.


Tiffen filters are backed by a 10-year warranty. They are used in almost every major movie and TV production around the world. Tiffen has been honored with two Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: one for innovative product design, and the other for its unique lamination process which gives complete control over filter color and density. In 2000, the Academy presented Nat Tiffen with a Scientific and Engineering Award for consistency in filter quality. Tiffen also received a 1998 Emmy Award for Engineering Excellence, as well as numerous awards for innovation filter technology. 


Tiffen corporate headquarters is located in Hauppauge, NY with factories in both Hauppauge and Burbank, California and offices in Rochester, NY and the UK.


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